Oblates of St. Benedict associated with the monks of St. Procopius Abbey


At the time of admission to candidacy in preparation to become an Oblate of St. Benedict, the individual receives a copy of the Rule of St. Benedict along with a Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict.

With the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of St. Benedict’s birth in 1980, a number of medals of St. Benedict were issued, in most instances with a different front yet keeping the “cross side” of the medal. In our case, we continue to use the medal issued by Monte Cassino in 1880 to commemorate the 1400th anniversary of St. Benedict’s birth.

On the front of the medal St. Benedict is represented surrounded by the words: Ejus in obitu nostro praesentia muniamur (At our death may we be protected by his presence).

 On the back side of the medal we see four letters in circles which represent the words: Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict).

Then one finds a cross with the vertical letters representing the words: Crux Sacra sit mihi lux (May the Holy Cross be my light).  The horizontal letters represent the words: Non drago sit mihi dux (May the dragon not be my guide).

Around the circular edge of the medal are letters representing the words: Vade Retro Satana!  Numquam Suade Mihi Vana!  Sunt Mala Quae Libas! Ipse Venena Bibas! (Down with you, Satan!  Stop luring me with your fakes!  Poisonous is your bait!  Gulp it down yourself!).

At the top of the medal is the word Pax (Peace), a traditional Benedictine motto.