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The life and spirit of a Benedictine Oblate

A Benedictine Oblate is dedicated to living out many of the religious values reflected in the Rule of St. Benedict insofar as the individual's life permits. A Benedictine Oblate, open to all Christians, can be a lay, clerical, single or married person who, after a period of formation, makes the "Act of Oblation" which establishes a formal association between the person and the monastic community.

Oblates have been long regarded as "spirtual arms of the abbey," going to various places in the world where one usually does not find monks, and here they spread the spiritual values contained in the Rule of St. Benedict, which are so important to Oblate life.  While St. Benedict wrote his Rule some 1500 years ago, Oblates find many elements that speak personally to the individual and have relevance to contemporary culture.

Please join St. Procopius in prayer for Dorothy Day's canonization.

O God, may the Church recognize the holiness of Dorothy Day, Servant of God and Benedictine Oblate of St. Procopius Abbey, especially in her dedication to the liturgy, her desire for the justice of God's kingdom, and her devotion to the poor as persons in whom Christ is welcomed.  Amen

August 31, 2021

Dear Oblates,

After a meeting of our "health committee" on Friday, Abbot Austin has approved our going ahead with an Oblate meeting on Sunday, September 12.  But there will be a number of changes from the past practice, all connected to the safety protocols that we have in place, for the sake especially of our more physically frail monks. 
  • The meeting will begin at 1:00 P.M.;
  • The entire meeting will take place in the Chapter Room;
  • There will be no food or drink available;
  • We'll all need to wear masks for the meeting, unless we are at the podium;
  • We will not be able to welcome any of you to join us for Vespers.  (Since the meeting will likely end c. 3:00 P.M., you would probably not have wished to stick around until 5:00, anyway!  But in any case, as most of you know, the Lady Chapel is too small for anything like social distancing and so, sadly, we have not been able to welcome guests.)

Obviously, these are considerable changes from the past, and I apologize for any inconvenience.  I hope the change in time will not prevent anyone from coming, and again I apologize if it does.  I would appreciate knowing (for future reference) if the changes make it impossible for you to join us on the 12th.

Please let me know if there are any questions.  If I find I've forgotten something, I'll be back "on the phone," so to speak!

Early greetings for the feast of St. Gregory the Great this Friday!

Fr. James

(photo credit Milwaukee Journal photo, 1968)

Dorothy Day's Oblation  
April 26, 1955